About me

My name is Pu Ren. I am a Postdoc Fellow in Machine Learning and Analytics Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where I am working with Prof. Michael Mahoney. I also work closely with Dr. Dmitriy Morozov and Prof. Ben Erichson. I received my Ph.D. at Northeastern University in July 2022, where I worked with Prof. Hao Sun and Prof. Ryan Wang. I was also fortunate to collaborate with Prof. Jerome F. Hajjar, Prof. Yang Liu, and Prof. Jian-Xun Wang.

I am broadly interested in AI methods for scientific problems. I am working on both the methodology and application sides of scientific machine learning. In specific, I work on soft and hard-constrained machine learning, super-resolution, and generative modeling. I apply these methods to many scientific domains, e.g., fluid dynamics, geophysics, and cosmology. Please see the latest update on my [Google Scholar] page.

If you are interested in my research, feel free to reach out at puren93 AT gmail DOT com.

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